Ab Circle Pro Success Story: Jennifer Nicole LeeEveryone wants a miracle widget from the slimming and toning market of today that will help them get in shape and get great abs. Many personal trainers sometimes feel that people think they will lose weight if you just wave a magic wand at them; what they’re offered instead is an exercise machine called the Ab Circle Pro. There is no miracle contraption yet available to help us lose weight, and we have to do it ourselves. Believe me, when you use the Ab Circle Pro regularly it will definitely seem like a magic wand when it helps you shed those extra pounds!

In order to get a higher-impact ab workout than an ab toning belt, you’ll need an exercise machine like the Ab Circle Pro. The Ab Circle Pro is ideal for people that do not have back problems or medical conditions that restrict physical activity and are looking for an intense cardio and abdominal workout. This innovative exercise machine provides a more complete workout routine that includes cardio and abdominal benefits.

Trying to tone your abs while lying on the floor causes problems in lots of ways. It is very easy to hurt your back in this position, and placing your hands behind your head means that you tend to pull yourself up into a Sit-up, which simply makes your neck muscles tired and causes them to ache. Also, this has no toning effect whatsoever on your stomach! The advantage of the Ab Circle Pro is that it takes you up off the floor and into a supported hands and knees position, meaning that your stomach muscles are held flat and your spine is in the perfect position so as not to be injured while you exercise.

When you first look at the Ab Circle Pro, it looks strange, but it is made of quality steel that will last a lifetime and it has a patented easy-slide track.

The Ab Circle Pro takes up hardly any room in your home, unlike some big bulky exercise machines, and has the added advantage of being easy to set up and folds quickly away after use for storage under your bed or in the closet. The unique feature of the Ab Circle Pro is that you exercise in a supported all fours positions, holding the comfortable padded handgrips while you swing your hips from side to side, thus keeping your back and neck in a safe and correct position. When you exercise this way you combine the benefits of cardio exercise with toning all the waist muscles.

The best results come from regular workouts that involve both cardio and toning exercises. Cardio exercises help to train the heart and lungs to be more efficient by using large muscle groups and increasing your heart rate. Brisk walking, swimming and cycling would also fit in this category. Toning exercises concentrate on smaller areas of the body, such as the thighs, butt and stomach. The Ab Circle Pro combines both types of exercise to give great results in as little as two weeks – guaranteed!

Ab Circle Pro PackageTo try the Ab Circle Pro for a full 30 days at home, just pay $14.95 plus a shipping & handling fee. I’m sure that by the end of the 30 day trial you will be happy with the Ab Circle Pro results that you’ll want to keep it, but in the unlikely event you’re not satisfied, simply return it and pay not a penny more. Your package will include the Ab Circle Pro, a healthy eating guide, and a great workout DVD to get you started. Get ready to go shopping for some new clothes to show off those great abs!

The extremely effective Ab Circle Pro is highly recommended for people who want to tone their abdominal muscles and get an excellent cardio workout at the same time. Ab Circle Pro even offers a hassle-free 60-day Money Back refund guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

To see more of the Ab Circle Pro in action including inspiring testimonials, in-depth videos, and clinical evidence of it’s effectiveness, click here to visit the official Ab Circle Pro website.

Ab Circle Pro Review