Adrianne Curry Ab Toner Flex BeltMany people wonder if there is a simple device that can really exercise their abdominal muscles without performing hundreds of crunches or similar exercises that take time and put harmful pressure on other areas of your body. It seems that we can now conclude that there is. The FDA-approved Flex Belt is the abdominal toning belt that people have been waiting for. Adrianne Curry agrees.

Adrianne Curry, the first winner of America’s Next Top Model, agrees. Curry says that the secret to looking good, is not really as secret. You must eat good and exercise. Adrianne Curry AbsThe Flex Belt isn’t come magic piece of equipment that is going to give you instant abs. But, Adrianne Curry says, the Flex Belt makes exercising and looking good much easier because you don’t have to give up your day to go workout. You can be working on your abs while doing normal activities. Adrianne Curry says that the Slendertone Flex Belt has “taken my abs to a whole other level.” That’s saying a lot. Adrianne looks very good and can no doubt attribute her success to her smoking body. The Flex Belt is one of the things she relies on to keep her body looking great.

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