Guest Post from reader John Horowitz

Does the Flex Belt Really Work? Let’s find out…

Many people seem to wonder whether the Flex Belt really works or not. I can’t fault you for wondering at all. I mean, in all truth, the Flex Belt seems a bit too goo to be true. A piece of exercise equipment that works your abs out for you? Let’s explore the issue a little more and determine: Does the Flex Belt really work?

First, I’ll start off by saying that I know what I’m talking about. During high school I used to work out a lot so that I could perform on the football field. Then, after high school, I let my exercise regimen fall to the wayside. I stopped eating as healthy and I only worked out once or twice a week. I became too busy to take care of myself. Then, seven months ago, I woke does the flex belt really workup. When looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe what I’d done to myself. I had gained about sixty pounds and lost all my muscle since my glory days. I started to eat healthier and I started to lose the weight. I just ate the normal healthy stuff, sticking to vegetables and meat as much as I could, but I still definitely had the occasional beer or cookie. Over five months I lost forty pounds, but I was really just a skinnier flab. I didn’t feel very muscular. To be honest, I thought I was too busy to exercise. Exercising involved putting on gym clothes, driving to the gym, working out, driving back home, and then showering. This takes at least an hour and a half, if not two hours. In my busy scheduler I didn’t have time to eat healthy and also spend the time to work out.

It was at this point that I decided that to reach my goals I needed to continue to eat pretty healthy, but that I also needed a workout plan that would fit my schedule. When researching at-home workouts online I discovered the Flex Belt. I had actually heard about it through and I ended up buying the Flex Belt. However, I knew that abs were only a small part of my exercise plan. I also wanted to make sure that my arms looked good too. So, this is what I did. Each morning I would do some push-ups before I took my shower. I started off doing sets of 5, but I worked my way up to doing a lot more. Then, at night, while surfing the net or watching TV, I would use the Flex Belt. The nice thing was that the Flex Belt didn’t cut into my already-busy schedule. With this push-up and Flex Belt plan my abs and arms were showing progress after about three weeks, and they were visibly popping after six weeks. Now that my arms and abs are where they want them, I do my push-ups five days a week, and I use the Flex Belt just three times a week. This makes sure that I maintain everything I worked for without me putting in much effort at all. If you had told me a year-ago that I would be able to see my abs again one day, I would have called bullshit. Now, I’m loving my new abs (and so is my fiance).

So… does the flex belt really work?

I think so. Will it give you instant rock-hard abs when you eat pizza and ice cream all day? No. It will build up your ab muscles with less work than you’re currently doing, plus it can build them while you’re doing other activities. However, you’re going to have to be or get skinny in order to truly see all of the benefits of your new abs.