Slendertone Flex Belt for Active LifestylesA Slendertone Flex Belt toning program will help just about anyone get stronger, sexier toned abs. However, the results you achieve mainly depend on two important factors:

The Shape You’re Currently In
The Slendertone Flex Belt is ideal for casual exercisers, busy executives, seniors, new mothers, and people with physical difficulties. Anyone that wants stronger, shapelier abs will benefit from this abdominal exercise machine, regardless of their current fitness levels. However, the Flex belt is not a shortcut for weight loss and will not burn away belly fat without the addition of a good exercise and diet program. If you’re considerably overweight, you can still definitely tone and strengthen your abs by using the Flex Belt, but should also consider complimenting it with a good fat-burning workout like the one provided by the Ab Circle Pro. Training your abs with the Flex Belt will strengthen, tone, and define them, but you’ll never get to show them off if they’re hidden behind layers of belly fat.

Your Expectations
The Slendertone Flex Belt was designed to help you get stronger, shapelier abs without the need of strenuous sit-ups, or crunches. It was also designed to fit anyone’s lifestyle and schedule, and to provide a highly-effective abdominal workout in the shortest amount of time possible. However, if you’re a seasoned athlete, weightlifter, or bodybuilder… you already live in a gym and probably already have great abs, so you can only stand to gain a bit less from the Flex Belt than the average person looking to start an exercise program or enhance their current one. If you’re already in great physical shape, the Flex Belt can allow you to continue your workout while outside the gym or weight room. By wearing it while you go about your daily activities, you continue to work, tone, and define your abdominal muscles.

The Slendertone Flex Belt is an innovative ab toning machine that looks much like a weight lifting belt, and is worn much like one also. The Flex Belt may be new, but its highly effective technology isn’t. Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation as it is more appropriately known, has been available for decades, and is widely used by physical therapists to treat patients that have lost voluntary control of their muscles.

The Flex Belt’s EMS technology is extremely effective at strengthening muscles, and will help you get a stronger, shapelier mid-section with a workout that fits right into your lifestyle and schedule. People of all fitness levels will benefit from a Flex Belt workout routine, and those that are looking to start exercising or take their workout to the next level will benefit the most.

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